Just who is this Uncle Jake?

Uncle Jake’s was first opened by Lynn & Linda Schwebach  to provide Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina with quality furniture at value prices.  The primary focus was unfinished furniture with the highest quality finishing in the area.  While that is still an important part of the business today, the number of manufacturers providing quality unfinished furniture has dwindled significantly due to the Great Recession and sourcing overseas.  Lynn’s thirst to continue to provide quality furniture for his customers lead him to a new frontier of selling Amish furniture.  The Amish are now the last people making quality, custom, hardwood furniture in the United States.  In the past, the High Point Show was crucial to new introductions and while still important for upholstery dealers, the Amish have their own events in Ohio & Indiana to attend (and we do not miss a show).  Uncle Jake’s was purchased by Bill Giannopoulos when it was time for Lynn to retire.

Bill has been in the furniture business for over a decade and too noticed the trend of less domestic  manufacturing and needing to source through the Amish to meet his customer’s customization requests.  This common thread brought Bill to the opportunity to purchase Uncle Jake’s from Lynn.  We will continue to provide excellent value through our local finisher and heirloom quality through our Amish vendors, plus fine upholstery from North Carolina.  It would be impossible for us to showcase everything we can do on our website.  The website is a tool to give you an introduction to what we do and then you will need to come into the store to appreciate.  No internet selling here, we are an old school bricks and mortar store that you need to come in to appreciate.  Visiting us will not be a waste of your precious time!  These aspects of quality local finishing, Amish furniture for your indoor and outdoor needs and North Carolina upholstery, makes Uncle Jake’s the premier custom furniture shop around!

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