Warranty & Terms

Care of Your Solid Wood Furniture

If cared for properly, your solid wood furniture can give you a lifetime of service and beauty.  Here are some tips as to how to take good care of your investment.

-Place furniture away from heating ducts, radiators and fireplaces.

– Position furniture out of direct sunlight or adjust blinds to avoid sunlight.

-Humidity should be in the 35-45% range in the home.

-Use padding under all sharp, hot, or cold objects.

-Avoid using nail polish remover or alcohol near the surface of the furniture.

-Do not store furniture in any damp or warm areas such as basements, garages, or attics.

Routine Cleaning and Care

-Dust carefully with a soft cloth.

-Dust often to remove every day particles.

-Do not wax or use any silicone based polish.  Catalyzed heat and conversion varnish finishes do not need any polishing.  If you do use polish, we recommend Milsek or Guardsman.

-You may clean with a mild nonalkaline soap and water.  Follow the grain and dry immediately.

Nature of Wood

-When ordering wood furniture, please be aware that there will be filled knots on tops of dressers, table tops, etc…  Size and quantity of knots will vary.  Knots are not considered second quality or a defect.

-Solid wood is a natural, organic, product and acts in ways beyond human control.  All wood has variation in color and grain, no two pieces are exactly alike.

-All our furniture is almost entirely made of wood.  Some cabinet and bookcase bases do have veneering. Some plywood is used in places where it would be necessary due to expansion and contraction of wood.  Our manufacturers do not cut corners in production.  You are receiving a quality product.

-Wood, being a natural product, can expand or contract under certain humidity conditions.  When the humidity is too high, you may see gaps between the leaves of a dining table toward the center of a table.  When the humidity is too low, you may see gaps between the leaves towards the edge of the table.    If there is enough contraction/expansion to cause a split on a top of furniture, it will be repaired under warranty.  Length of warranty varies by manufacturer.  Manufacturers do not cover transportation costs to and from your home.

Warranty Policy

-Uncle Jake’s Furniture does not warrant merchandise, but our manufacturers have warranties.  Warranties vary by manufacturer.  We have all of the manufacturer warranties on file for you to review.  If you need to file a warranty claim, we are here to help process the claim.  Each manufacturer will determine their own terms of resolution, that may constitute a repair of the piece furniture, or a replacement.  Again, that is determined by the manufacturer, not Uncle Jake’s or the customer.

-All clearance items are “As Is” with no warranty.  Please review items carefully.

-Mattresses made by the Amish do not have trial periods.  Once a mattress has been slept on, it can not be returned and is considered a “used” product which can not be resold as a “new” product.  Mattresses do have warranties against “body impressions” but not “comfort”.

Terms & Conditions of Sale

-Floor Stock items must be paid for in full at point of purchase.

-Special order items require a 50% deposit at time of placing the order.  The other 50% is due when items arrive in our warehouse and before they are delivered to your home.  We invite you to come back in and review your furniture prior to delivery.  We encourage that actually, so we can address any concerns before it arrives in your home. 

-A special order can not be canceled once the order has been put into production by the manufacturer.  That time can vary by manufacturer, sometimes it is within a few days of placing the order. If the order can be canceled, you will be refunded. No exchanges on special orders.  Special orders are built per the specifications on the invoice, which is a contract the customer signs, please review carefully to insure all your specifications are documented correctly prior to signing.  Once item arrives to our warehouse, it is reviewed to make sure specifications are met, then the customer must accept the special order.

-Delivery is handled by an outside delivery service.  They are their own business, separate of Uncle Jake’s.    Fees apply and vary by distance your home is from Uncle Jake’s, the type of furniture being delivered, and where in the home you want the furniture placed.  Once final payment is made of the furniture, we forward your contact information to the service and they contact you directly.  We are not in charge of their schedule.  The customer pays the delivery service directly either check or cash. You may ask for a quote before delivery from the delivery service.  Uncle Jake’s can provide you an estimate, but it may not be exactly what you pay. The delivery service is licensed, bonded and insured.  They are responsible for any damage.

-You may also pick up your furniture from our warehouse, located directly behind the showroom.  Please bring your own blankets and straps to secure the furniture.  We will help you load it in your vehicle.  However, we can not secure down the furniture for you.  You will need to do that.  Once you have left our dock, the furniture is in the custody of the customer and thus, the responsible party.

-Lead times on special orders vary by manufacturer.  Lead times can change without notice to Uncle Jake’s.  We make every effort to follow up with the manufacturer to provide accurate lead times and update you on your order.  Please do not hesitate to check up on your order with your sale person.  We will provide you feedback as soon as we hear.  Please understand that most Amish manufacturers do not have customer service staff waiting by the phone.  We frequently have to leave messages which may only be checked once a day and may take a few days to get a response.  We are not responsible for delays.  Amish manufacturing is built to order and a custom, often hand build process, not something hurried through an assembly line with robots.  Please be patient!